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Garage Door Accessories

Rotary - Products Dock Seals and Bumpers

Ollis Brothers Garage Door: Rotary Products

Rotary offers a wide range of dock seals including compression, tapered compression, dock header, and adjustable curtain. Design specialization provides superior performance–the most clearance for forklift traffic and products and a tight seal for insulation and protection against fumes, dirt, dust, insects and other unwanted matter-and is why Rotary dock seals outlast the competition. Rotary also produces Wearwell Dock Bumpers, the ultimate in damage protection for docks and cargo.

For more information on Rotary Products, visit the manufacturer’s web site.

Republic - Steel Entrance Doors and Frames

Ollis Brothers Garage Door: Republic Products

Republic is one of the industry leaders in door sales volume and in quality and design. Within their McKenzie, Tennessee plant, Republic manufactures a wide variety of steel entrance doors and frames to fit a variety of applications. A unique welding process that provides Republic doors with a nearly invisible seam is highly accepted in the industry and is known nationwide as the "McKenzie Edge."

For more information on Republic’s steel entrance doors and frames, visit the manufacturer’s Web site.